Read Management Summary Report

The following document explains the data published in the Management Summary Report.  The report can be found under File->Reports->Financial Management->Management Summary.

This report captures data at the moment of night audit. When you run the report manually, you will need to run it for the previous day. If you run it for the current day, it will be blank as it gets filled at audit.


Total Inventory – This is the total number of rooms at the property. (Total from day_inventory table)

Out of Inventory – Identifies the number of rooms out of inventory. (data comes from roomrack table)

Rooms Available  = Total inventory less out of inventory.

Rooms Sold = Total rooms sold -  All rooms with status = In-House at that moment including comp rooms.  Rooms sold do not include day use rooms and late arrivals. (This information comes from man_mansum table in database)

Day Use = Day use rooms are rooms that arrive and depart on the same calendar day.

Late Arrivals = Reservations that arrived after audit was run and the front desk agent used the check-in as late arrival function. This will always = 0 if the report prints at audit and is part of the audit pack. However, if this report is printed for the previous day (after audit date rolled) and there are late arrivals, they will show in the late arrivals column.

Occupancy % = Total % of rooms occupied (sold) and includes day use rooms and late arrivals.

Rooms Out of Order = Total number of rooms with status Out of Order in Room Rack.

Complimentary = Total Number of Comp rooms sold (Please note this does not include rates that were set to $0) The count includes only those rates that are marked as a ‘comp’ rate type in settings. (Comp rooms are also included in the total rooms sold count above)


The columns on the report show current date for report run (1/31/06) in the example

January = Month to date totals

2006 = Year to Date Totals

The column to the right does a comparison to the same calendar day the previous year with MTD and YTD totals in columns five(1840) and six (1840).


The Guest Count section gives total number of adults, children and babies in-house. These numbers are calculated from the reservation fields for adults, children and babies. The second column totals MTD and the third column YTD.

The same guest count applies for Dayuse Guests (Guests for day use rooms)

Arrivals = Total arrivals (Resfol table in database by arrival date)

Departures = Total departures (Resfol table in database by depart date)

Stayovers = The number of rooms in-house that did not arrive that day (day of report)

No Show = Total number of reservations for that day that have status reservation. (have not been checked-in at Night -Audit)

Early arrivals = Reservations that arrive one day early. Reservations more than one day early will not count as early arrivals, as IDPMS will ask to change the reservation first (this to prevent errors)

Early Departure = Reservations that depart before there original departure day.

Walk-in = Walk-ins are only recorded if the walk function is used in IDPMS. Note: If a new reservation is booked for arrival on same day using new reservation function, it will NOT be recorded as a walk-in.

All totals are per day, MTD and YTD with last year comparisons as outlined in each column.

Reservations = Total Reservations booked that day. (reservation productivity)

Cancellations = Total Cancellations made that day.

All totals are per day, MTD and YTD with last year comparisons as outlined in each column

Financial Section

The Financial section is based on the revenue consolidation groups set up in Settings -> option

->Financial(2) in IDPMS. These groups represent A thru F.


In the example above;

REV Room = Total Room Revenue category A ($13771.98)

ADR = Average daily rate for category A

Rev Par = Revenue per available room for category A

REV Food = Revenue for category B

SpentPor = Spent per occupied room

SpentPar = Spent per available room

REV Bev = Total revenue for category C

REV Tel = Total revenue for category D

REV Bq Rent = Total revenue for category E

REV Other = Total revenue for category F

Revenue Nogroup = Total revenue that is not mapped to categories A thru F.

Revenue Total = Total Revenue from Ledger. (should match revenue report)

SpentPor = Spent per occupied room

SpentPar = Spent per available room

Total Cash payments = Total Cash payments (payments report)

Total AR Payments = Total of Direct Billing payments

 Balances Section

Each balance reflects the total per ledger for the report date.



Guest ledger = Total balance of all Guest Folios in-house

Deposit Ledger = Total balance for all reservation folios.

Commission ledger = Total amount of Commissions due to travel agents from in-house guests.

City Ledger = Total of accounts receivable balance

Not Registered = Total amount of all Direct Bill payments not yet imported/registered into Accounts Receivable.